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Xonok[1] is a 17-year-old studying guy living near Tartu, Estonia, born the 12th of December 1995, often hanging out in the World Editor Help Zone. Xonok is a relatively helpful, positive and faithful individualist, who mainly stays on the Hive in order to develop his game design- and analysis skills, and hopes to learn C++. He is also the self-proclaimed GUI wizard of Hive, due to having used GUI for quite a while. He wants to enhance JNGPE with much better GUI triggers. Xonok has now moved on to JASS/vJASS though. He have created most likely the best of all spellbook tutorials, The Theory Behind Spellbooks. Xonok is a member of the Public Usergroup, the Medivh's Tower Community, but not a member of a single social group.
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Xonok selected the Undead to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Cult of the Damned to be his favourite organization. He likes programming, terraining, roleplaying and playing strategy games. Xonok is good at programming. He is currently working on the project called Brute Wars, a boss fighting game.