Witches Tea Party
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Witches Tea Party is a Social Group, created and maintainted by Bernkastel in 2012. Anyone can enter the group, where everyone constantly stays in their roleplaying characters' role.

History of the Social GroupEdit

It was created by Bernkastel in 2012, for near friends who all shared same love for Bernkastel. However, the group's members are asleep, and have now remained silent for a while. 

Social Group DiscussionsEdit

Currently 3 discussions exist in the Witches Tea Party; Welcome to the Witches Tea Party ~!, List of Guests and Uuu-uu

The pictures and members of the groupEdit

Witches Tea Party currently has no pictures, since the group is based on it's conversations in the threads. The group currently has 16 members, all seems to be inactive however, including Bernkastel. Most current members are the following: 

Trivia and notesEdit

  • According to the members, it stands as the evil hideout of Hive Workshop.