Visitor Messages (Often shortened to "VMs") are personal messages that any member can leave on any other members' user profile, starting a conversation between the two, which can then be viewed and/or continued by following a link next to any of the Visitor Messages. It is a common mistake among new members who seek to reply to another members' Visitor Message; to accidentally leave the reply on one's own user profile instead of the profile of the desired member, which will not result in the other being properly notified of the incoming reply.

Visitor Message

How a Visitor Message-box looks like on an ordinary member profile.

Some members choose to keep their profile visible to friends only, and in those cases only friends can leave Visitor Messages on their profiles, opposed to Private Messages, which can be sent - and received by all members on the Hive Workshop. In such cases, the user with the friends-only profile's outgoing messages can be seen, but the conversation cannot be viewed.

When leaving a Visitor Message, the site requires that users wait at least 30 seconds before posting another. This is done so to prevent spam from occurring.

Moderation Edit

A Visitor Message can be moderated by the VM's owner.