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VeljkoM[1] (Also known as "Veljko", "Velj" or simply "Vel") is a 22-year-old studying guy from Kragujevac, Serbia, born the 25th of September 1991, and a well-known user in the social groups, especially in The Dark Prophecy group, in which he has been a respected core member for several years (Game Master), participating actively in all the roleplays and socializing a lot with the other members. VeljkoM also liked to participate in the techtree contests back in the days, but have shown heavy decrease of interest lately. He is a calm and friendly member, who seemingly settles in the more quiet places of the Hive Workshop. He supports socialism, and is against seperatism of countries. VeljkoM is also a notable member of the Kaelicious roleplaying group, where he formed an alliance with Bernkastel, Alagremm and Azsure as cultists of Cthulhu - and later on as a normal tauren shaman. He is also the maintainer of the currently inactive Race creators group. Other than The Dark Prophecy, Kaelicious and Race creators, he is also a member of the 8 other following groups; Naga Fans, Operation Bas Celik!, Richard's Guild, StarCraft And StarCraft II, Steam Users, The C Market Fanclub! ( SOTHM and TLP ), The Order of Elders and Warhammer Club.

He also got third place in Techtree Contest #3, with his "Sea Legion" entry.

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VeljkoM selected the Tauren to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Bloodhoof Clan to be his favourite organization. He likes playing Warcraft III, being on the Hive and roleplaying. VeljkoM's greatest talents are writing, terraining and creating custom races. VeljkoM is currently working on the Dark Prophecy Builder map project.