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The Dark Prophecy[1] (Formerly known as "The Daily Peon", often shortened to "DP") is an Uncategorized Social Group, created by Nichita_00 in 2010, but currently maintained by Alagremm

Anyone, who have been accepted by current members, can sign in and participate in the roleplaying, with the requirements being that the newcomer have read through all current group pictures, in order for them to get an idea of the roleplay's lore. 

History of the Social GroupEdit

The Daily Peon was created by Nichita_00 during 2010, and started out as a silly group with no real purpose, in which the members joked around and did exactly what they wanted.  However, a group of members, namely trolman, Alagremm, tleno and others, started a silly roleplay in one of the group discussions.

The silly roleplay continued and evolved to pour in more people, and one day trolman uploaded a terrain picture, related to the roleplaying that had been going on. That picture got very popular, and soon other terrainers followed his example. The terraining roleplay got even more popular when Alagremm made a comic consisting entirely of terrain screenshot, called "Hunt for Tleno", in which he included all the users who wanted to be part of it. 

Soon, the silly but fun roleplaying took over, and in the end The Daily Peon became known for being a roleplaying group, instead of a silly group with no real purpose. As time went on, the roleplaying changed into a more serious theme, which went on in several years. 

However, at some point, the Daily Peon roleplay almost died out, with the discussions being the only active part of the group, and no more pictures uploaded. 

The Dark Prophecy

The group's former picture

TheFairfield suggested a huge change - restart the whole roleplay in a new world, with new characters and new stories. Everybody voted, and it was decided that the group should be renamed to "The Dark Prophecy", and preparations to launch the new roleplay were set afoot. 

However, after a long while, the new roleplay also started to die out, with little to no new pictures being uploaded, and only the discussions being filled with private talk and random chit-chatting.

Social Group DiscussionsEdit

The Dark Prophecy is the group with the most current messages for a reason. The group's discussions are heavily populated by private talk and random chit-chatting, with all core members contributing to it. Most discussions are as old as the group itself. Others are made for temporary map projects.  

Currently 7 discussions exist in The Dark Prophecy; The Daily Peon, The War, The Rules and Lore, Inactive Players, Daily Peon - Models, Dark Prophecy Builder and Dark Prophecy Arena

The pictures and members of the groupEdit

  • "Gratuitous Forest Setting" by Alagremm.Go to
  • "Confrontation" by Silly Lil Ant.Go to
  • An unnamed picture by trolman.Go to
  • "Mark of the Ripped" by Legion_King.Go to
  • An unnamed picture by trolman.Go to

The Dark Prophecy currently has 178 pictures, all of which are uploaded as World Editor terrain screenshots, with added descriptions, each driving the story forward in the roleplay. The latest five can be seen in the slideshow, just right of here. 

The group currently has 14 active old core members, and new members rarely join. Most notable former- and current members are the following: 

Trivia and notesEdit

  • The Daily Peon / The Dark Prophecy actually has it's own wiki[2].
  • It was formerly in the Role Playing Social Group-category, but with the sudden removal of that category, it was changed into an Uncategorized Social Group.
    • It was also the Role Playing Social Group with the most messages (43,921) and pictures (171). It still is the social group with most overall messages. However, many groups have more pictures than The Dark Prophecy, except if only counting uncategorized social groups, where only Random Lulzerz have more pictures (351).
  • The Daily Peon once hosted a motivational faction banner contest, but the contest was never finished and entries never judged. 
  • The Daily Peon and The Dark Prophecy have started several map, cinematic and campaign projects, but only two to still be worked on, are the Dark Prophecy Builder and Dark Prophecy Arena maps.