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StoPCampinGn00b[1] (Also known as "SCN" or "Josh") is a resource moderator of the Hive Workshop with his primary focus being moderating Maps.

Personal LifeEdit

StoPCampinGn00b is a 15 year old male living near San Jose, Bay Area, California, USA. Although having full Filipino blood, others consider him to be American or white-washed, as he enjoys American culture such as any American music and American football. He currently goes to High School and plans to major in History and Teaching.

Like most Hive Workshop members, he enjoys playing video games. As some might guess from the name, he is a regular Call of Duty player. His favorite games include Warcraft 3, Planetside 2, Madden 15, Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Star Wars Battlefront, Warhawk, Killzone Shadowfall, and Battlefield 3.

StoPCampinGn00b is a die-hard Raiders fan (American football team), users sometimes show praise or distaste towards his preference due to them noticing a Raiders logo always hanging on the top left of his profile. He goes to multiple games per week despite the Raiders having no winning record from 2003-2014. It still hurts him that the Raiders used to be the strongest team in the league, and he never got to experience that feeling.


In 2009, StoPCampinGn00b began to play Warcraft 3. It wasn't until 2012 where he was interested in using the Warcraft 3 world editor through user JaypherCyanide.

StoPCampinGn00b registered at Hive Workshop on the second of April, 2013. Although he has used the site for a year, it was only then StoPCampinGn00b planned to be deeper in the Warcraft 3 community. Upon registration, he made a fatal, and stupid, mistake in skipping the anti-bot protection Hive Workshop uses. He was banned for a few days.

SCN finally has gotten unbanned and created two childish introduction threads not getting much attention. He then began posting frequently in the off-topic forums.

Over the coarse a few months, the frequent off-topic posting gradually came to an end as SCN turned to more Warcraft related matters. On May 10, 2013, a 1v1 melee map was uploaded to Hive's map section. It received high ratings despite SCN thinking of it lowly. On August 15, 2013, he created the successfully active group Strategy and Risk Players! The group was a success for months, but like most groups of today, it became inactive. As the Strategy and Risk Players! group trodded along to be the fasted growing group at the time, moderators such as Orcnet and -Kobas- noticed his reviewing skills. He then became accepted in the map reviewers group on August 19, 2013.

After 2013's September, StoPCampinGn00b became significantly less active, giving less than one review per week. This continued until the start of June 2014, where he began to contribute to the purging of pending maps selflessly.

It was in July when he created the RACC group. A roleplay arose in it, and now has 6,882+ posts.

To Be Continued (RACC, Moderator)

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