In the Town Hall forum section, there is a Staff Contact forum, where members can create a thread that only members of the staff can see and discuss various issues in full confidentiality. Common subjects of issues are: clarification on resource status, stolen resources, reporting of bad behavior or rule violation, feedback to the staff.

Sometimes, the Staff Contact forum can be used to register a social group or request a name change.


There are also 2 subforums in the Staff Contact:

  • Admin Contact, where users can make a thread that only administrators can see. A member may use it if he/she has problems with a moderator or to discuss any of the following subjects: the member in question want to affiliate, the member in question is banned and want to appeal, the member in question has problems with his/her account. Members shouldn't hesitate to make their thread there if you are more comfortable with that.
  • Staff Contact Archive, an archive for all solved and ignored threads from the Staff Contact forum.