For the forum, see Roleplaying.

Roleplaying is a term describing the act of playing a self-invented role/character, often done through games, with gamemasters. Do not confuse with acting, since roleplaying gives the person an unlimited choice what to do, while acting always centers around a script or story. There is also a map category, called RPG, which is short for Role Playing Game.

The Hive Workshop also has a sub-forum in Gamer's Hub for forum-Roleplaying, but it is long from as active as it once was - partly because of the forum being closed during the Zero Tolerance era. Instead, most of Hive roleplayers moved to different Role Playing Social Groups. However, that decreased the activity in the Roleplaying forum even further, and lastly made Pharaoh_ act, by removing the "Role Playing"-category for social groups, thus moving all former Role Playing Social Groups to the "Uncategorized"-category. However, the forum is still inactive till this day.