For the term, see Roleplaying (Term).

Roleplaying[1] is a sub-forum of the Gamer's Hub forum. All of Hive Workshop's roleplaying threads, discussions about roleplaying themes, and simple talks about both Warcraft III- and World of Warcraft roleplaying, are placed in this forum. This forum, dedicated fully to roleplaying also have the three following sub-forums; Warcraft III Roleplaying, Live Shows and Dawn and Twilight, as well as a link that leads to the Hive's RP Affiliate site.*

The entire forum, with all of it's threads, was closed during the Zero Tolerance era, but reopened afterwards. However, by that time very few members were still as interested in Hive roleplaying as they were before, and the forum witnessed a drastic decrease of activity. Many roleplaying members chose to join roleplaying Social Groups instead, but Pharaoh_ announced in the news thread Social Groups & Roleplaying Category, that the social group category was to be removed, in an attempt to restore the activity of the Roleplaying forum, but the place still remains silent today.