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Resistance Against the Cake Crusade[1] (Often shortened to RACC) is a public Uncategorized Social Group, created by StoPCampinGn00b and currently maintained by Daffa the Mage.

Anyone can sign in and hang out with the other group members, or participate in the roleplaying, if having read Devin's Official Roleplay Guide first.

"What victory is that creature narrating. He just demolished my outhouse. My toilet is gone." - Mythic, in the early days of the RP

History of the Social GroupEdit

The Social Group was created on the day of 20 July 2014 CE (according to StoPCampinGn00b), by StoPCampinGn00b. Well, it was a long story how this group was created.... Nah we're just spreading lies. StoPCampinGn00b made this because the legend known as CM (Do not say the full name in vain), the former Mythic, lead a cake crusade against all who did not follow. SCN, Heinvers, and Chobibo then formed a triple alliance to resist.

Soon after, a shining light, Devin appeared out of the darkness to purge the evil. The resistance grew with new faces enough to the point where we were not just resisting, there was war. Months later, the Cake Crusade was defeated but the stains of the war still remain as powers of cake and anti-cake continue to shift; such as the death of Sargeras from the hands of Archimonde Supreme, the great invasion from the Shadow Legion, the rise of cookie empire, Directive255 building his Mental Omega Device to mind control the whole planet of Vestroya and more!

The Roleplay Discussion #1 reached the 100th page on 21 December 2014 CE, 2:56 PM (GMT +8), with the 1000th post made by Daffa the Mage. It quickly reached its 200th page 19 days later, with the 2000th post made by Archimonde supreme.

The Roleplay Discussion #1 ended on 9 March 2015 CE, 7:19 PM (GMT +8). Roleplay Discussion #2, the sequel of RP #1, formally started on the day of 9 March 2015 CE, 7:29 PM (GMT +8).

(Check the HISTORY/LORE discussion of this group page for more info)

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The "Cakemaster" TitleEdit

In this social group and in the roleplay, there's someone who holds the "Cakemaster" title.

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