Reputation Levels



Reputation Red


Reputation Gray


Reputation Bronze


Reputation Green

30, or 5 Bronzes

Reputation Blue

150, or 5 Greens

Reputation White

600, or 4 Blues

Reputation Gold

1800, or 3 Silvers

Reputation [1]is a person's standing in the community based on the opinions of others. A person with many reputation points is most likely nice, helpful, has quality resources, or is just active as a whole.

History Edit

In the past, users with below 10 reputation have no reputation power - their reputation give-aways count as 0.

Also, before September 2014, users couldn't give reputation in the Off Topic main forum. They could however, in Medivh's Tower.

Exceptions Edit

Reputation cannot be given in the Something Else forum, and they cannot be used anywhere else other than posts.

Reputation Gems have certain values. The exceptions to the rule are -1, 1, and 50 rep; where the first two have a gem without matching its value, and the latter takes 50 to formulate - to make way for five Bronze gems. Afterwards, at 60, the increment is normalized.

After 49 rep, Bronze never appears again and the basic gem becomes the Green.