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Random Lulzerz[1] is an Uncategorized Social Group, currently maintained by terradont. It was created in 2009.

Anyone can join and participate in the random funny chit-chatting, that has been going on since it's creation. With over 200 members, things can't and won't be controlled by anyone. However, the group has shown heavy inactivity lately, the members rarely posting anything.

History of the Social GroupEdit

It is a quite old group, and most of it's history is gone with the members, but it is known that terradont either created it or got maintainership from somebody else. It can at least be confirmed that the group was created in 2009, and that for several years it securely held the spot on the Hive Workshop as the best place for completely nonsensical, comical postings with no discussions of real value. However, lately Random Lulzerz have gotten heavily inactive, and nowadays people post in there rarely.

Social Group DiscussionsEdit

Several old solid discussions adorn the social group, all created by random members, except for the main thread, that terradont made. They will most likely never get removed.

Currently 4 discussions exist in Random Lulzerz; Random Lulzerz, Post your random wacky sites here!!, Random rp1 join peoplez1111 and LULZ Videos.

The pictures and members of the groupEdit

  • A screenshot of the Hive Chat by Roland.Go to
  • Compilation of evil cats, by Lichkings slave.Go to
  • "I just knew it." by AwzomeWulfzz.Go to
  • "Yeah, this seems pretty legit." by AwzomeWulfzz.Go to
  • "So we were talking about our project, on ores..." by AwzomeWulfzz.Go to
Random Lulzerz currently has 351 totally random pictures, and is thus a complete mix of anything with a funny motive. The latest five can be seen in the slideshow, just right of here.

The group currently has 232 members, all seems to be inactive however. Most notable former- and current members are the following:

Trivia and notesEdit

  • It is the uncategorized Social Group with the most current members (233), and third on the overall list, next after Naga Fans (287) and RPG-ers (274).
  • It is also the social group with the most current pictures (351).