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Ralle[1] is a 24-year-old guy from Denmark, born the 18th of April, and nothing less than the very creator and Webmaster of the Hive Workshop. He is known for keeping the image of a cartoonish moose. He is a friendly person, and most believes he takes good care of the site. However, during the Zero Toleration era, when the community screwed up, Ralle and fellow administrator, The_Dark_Wizard, banned several reputed Hive members and even demoted much of the staff, including Rui, Kuhneghetz, Frankster and many others, which turned out to later become a very unpopular action. This was known as the Zero Tolerance era.

Ralle is a member of the following 7 social groups; Dueling Ultimate Group, Heroes Tale Project Group, Monster Hunter 1, Mr_Bean's Spell Workshop, Old School Hive, Singleplayers and The Wolf Pack. He has been working on a "Hive 2" project for a while, with the purpose of creating a newer better site for the community. He has not approved of calling this wiki an official wiki yet.

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Ralle's favorite Warcraft race is the Night Elf, and favorite organization is the Kirin Tor. He likes coding and being on the Hive.

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