Upload Pictures

The page that appears when a member is about to upload a picture.

Pictures can be uploaded by any logged in member on the Hive Workshop, by pressing the Upload Button-button in one of their personal user albums. Pictures can additionally be given long descriptions, and reveals the picture URL and BB Code. It can also be uploaded to any of the social groups that the member is part of, or as attached thumbnails of posts.

A few limits are revealed to members when they are in the process of uploading pictures: A member can at max upload 10,000 pictures, or fill out a specific amount of space - it also appears exactly how many pictures, and how much space remains for the uploading user to use. A picture can at its maximum have a file size of 5MB, and cannot be larger than 2000x2000 pixels. The Hive will automatically resize the images to fit these constraints if possible, but the member will most likely receive better results if doing it manually.

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