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Nichita_00[1] (Also known as "Nichita") is a 103-year-old guy, born the 23rd of September 1909, acording to the information provided on his user profile. He likes to be on the Hive Workshop because of it being one of very few active Warcraft III hubs. When logged on the site, he spends most of his time in the resource sections, especially browsing through the various custom skins and modelsNichita_00 is the creator of The Daily Peon social group, which was taken from him, due to his increasing inactivity, and in the end maintainership was given to Alagremm instead. He is no longer a member of the group. However, he is still a member of the 5 other following social groups; Dragons, Random Lulzerz, Romanian Gathering, Spore Creators.... and The Medieval group.

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Nichita_00 selected the Naga to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Frostwolf Clan to be his favourite organization. He likes reading and is particularly fond of drawing. Nichita_00 currently works on improving his drawing and texturing skills, and hopes to start modelling later on.