Mythic (aka CakeMaster, aka Wrathion, aka EliTe, aka En_Tropy, aka 999 name changes) is a 14-year old human

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stranded on an island with some seaturtles (Philippines).

He currently is a member of nine Social Groups, which he keeps at minimum. He constantly leaves and joins some groups to post something, or just to surprise people. He maintains the DotA Players group.

History Edit

Mythic discovered the World Editor in late 2011. He was finishing his map when he joined the Hive. By then, he's not imported any material yet; much to his fascination. The Hive's resources were vast - sure to fulfill most of every mapmaker's need.

--Warning; this time consists of many evildoings and so is hidden--

It was June 2014 when some sudden motivation aroused the then-Wrathion. He went active in the Hive, posting about everywhere, deciding to go for a name change; opting for CakeMaster when Bernkastel told him that "nobody contradicts cake". About 4,000 of his posts were made from that time up 'til the end of the year.


Mythic's first name change

Being CakeMaster, as he put it, was "a terrible excuse to socialize". At that time every user he can, he spread cakes.

Lines of Craft Edit

Mythic started off primarily as a mapmaker. It was not until the beginning of 2013 did he learn an outdated type of indexing. He made a couple of melee maps during that time. In June, he started Model Editing. He also worked on his AoS map that ceased progress in February 2014.


An example of Mythic's Photomerging

In early July, he made his first 2D signature. In August, he started actual model creation. In late November he joined the Bladetitan Council.

He also wanted to learn terraining in December, but due to laziness in part along with inability to use HQ SC2 models, he stopped.

He has made several attempts at creating icons since early 2013, none of which have been approved.

He currently is trying to make blade models.

Preferences Edit

Dota 2

Dota 2

Mythic once preferred League of Legends over Dota 2, but not since mid November.

He doesn't listen to Tagalog songs. He also has his playlist on everyday.

Trivia Edit

  • Mythic is tied with Bernkastel on most official name changes, but beats him Five to Three in total number of names.
  • He has had five names over two years; En_Tropy in April 2012, EliTe in April 2013, Wrathion in June 2013, CakeMaster in June 2014 and Mythic in September 2014, breaking the ruleof one name change per year.
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