The Model Viewer is the Hive's online 3D model viewer.

It was made by GhostWolf, and can display any model that is uploaded to the Hive.

Every model resource page has a "View in 3D" button that will allow a user to view that model in real-time, allowing him or her to select between team colors, animations and cameras.

The model viewer was written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Eleandor improved the HTML and CSS to make for a better presentation.

The viewer requires the use of an adequate browser that supports WebGL.

As of 2013, except for Internet Explorer, almost every browser has such support.

In addition to a decent browser, the user also needs to have a good enough graphics card.

If the user doesn't fit the criteria, the View in 3D button will not show up, and he or she will not be able to view models online. This especially applies to mobile device users.