Modders Idea Factory Team Members

Descriptions of the five current team members, as seen on the first post.

The Modders Idea Factory[1] is a popular sticky thread in the Map Development forum with more than 1600 total posts, posted by Drunken_Jackal in the Idea Factory forum, the eleventh of May 2011. Its purpose is to provide ideas for heroes, units, items and/or map lore for people who have run out of imagination, or just wants to have some fresh ideas. The thread has a team consisting of five qualified members chosen by Drunken_Jackal, including himself, each good at making up seperate kinds of ideas. These team members respond to posters, after playing through their maps, in order to provide the best possible quality ideas.

To request, posters must use one of many different formats, shown on the first page, where a section for supported projects can also be found at the bottom, and anyone who want their project advertised there simply needs to tell Drunken_Jackal in the thread. However, so far only two projects, Shadows of Everwood and Eldroc have taken advantage of this offer.

The team currently consists of Drunken_Jackal, the creator who takes care of hero ideas; Paillan, who handles all kind of unit ideas; DZerpic, who is the lore maker of the group; Hexcellion, who is both a lore- and hero idealist; Saif, who is also great at hero ideas. Kanadaj and Sin'dorei300 are both former members of the team, but resigned from their positions, due to different reasons. No new members are currently taken in.

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