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Mania[1] (Formerly known as "The Mad King") is an extra account, made by Vengeancekael along with the Thumper account. Vengeancekael made both for the Kaelicious Role Playing Social Group, more specifically for the roleplaying events in the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. During Kaelicious' Halloween and Christmas events, this account acted as "the Mad King", who was the ruler of Hell, and several contests were based on his evildoings. For the Valentine event, however, the account was renamed to "Mania", based on the greek goddess of insanity and evil - again with contests based on her crazy intentions. However, Vengeancekael passed the leadership of Kaelicious on to Bernkastel, and since then both the Mania- and Thumper-accounts haven't been in use, but they are oddly still members of the group, as Vengeancekael probably haven't bothered changing that.

Vengeancekael selected the Arakkoa to be Mania's favourite Warcraft race, and the Kirin Tor to be the favourite organization.