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Lore Lovers[1] is an Uncategorized Social Group created in 2009, created and maintained by Phoonix.

Anyone can join in and participate in the many discussions about the lore of the warcraft universe. However, unfortunately the group has been heavily inactive in a long time.

History of the Social GroupEdit

It was created during 2009 by Phoonix, and many new members soon populated the discussions and added pictures to the group for several years.

However, as time passed, the group witnessed a drastic decreasement of activity, and now it is rarely used at all.

Social Group DiscussionsEdit

Many different discussions, centered around specific topics related to the Warcraft lore, adorn the thread. Most of them are created by Phoonix, but anyone are allowed to create a new discussion if permission to do so is granted by Phoonix.

Currently 9 discussions exist in Lore Lovers; War of the ancients, Current Dark Horde, The new Horde, The Allinace, The Old horde, The scourge, Draenor, WoW lore and general.

The pictures and members of the groupEdit

  • A picture of Alleria Windrunner's World of Warcraft model. Uploaded by Feathermoon.Go to
  • Official artwork of another Windrunner sister. Uploaded by Feathermoon.Go to
  • Official artwork of Sylvanas Windrunner. Uploaded by Feathermoon.Go to
  • A picture of Shandris Feathermoon's World of Warcraft model. Uploaded by Feathermoon.Go to
  • Official artwork of Maiev Shadowsong. Uploaded by Feathermoon.Go to
Lore Lovers currently has 59 pictures, all of which are related to the lore of Warcraft, and is thus a complete mix of Warcraft III and World of Warcraft screenshots, official and fan-made artwork, or custom images showing interesting specualtions about the Warcraft lore. The latest five can be seen in the slideshow, just right of here.

The group currently has 178 members, most if not all are inactive however, but new join in from time to time. Most notable former- and current members are the following:

Trivia and notesEdit