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Legion_King[1] (Also known simply as "LK") is a 17-year-old student from Tehran, Iran (born 10 September 1996), and a well-known user in several of the former Role Playing social groups, sticking around for both the sake of roleplaying as well as to simply socialize. He is a friendly, patient and logical person who is a notable member of both The Dark Prophecy and Kaelicious social groups, where his roleplaying and talents have granted him a place as a reputed visitor of the groups. He has a funny habit of relating everything to Arcane magic.

Legion_King doesn't have a signature. He selected the Human to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Silver Hand to be his favourite organization. He likes playing computer, roleplaying and being on the Hive. Legion_King is good at terraining, drawing and triggering. He is currently working on two map projects related to The Dark Prophecy social group; The Dark Prophecy Builder and The Dark Prophecy Arena.