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JokeMaster[1] born about 20 years ago ( birth date unknown) was a former modeler an rp'er who left the Hive Workshop after the great ban period in 2011. He was creating some orc, troll and ogre models and was considered a great fan of the Horde.  Acording to his profile messages he has about 4 Gb of Warcraft III  related data on his HD. He got often banned after argueing with the mods mostly with General Frank, then with Debode/Deolrin and the head admin Ralle.

He checks the site once every few days, but is no more active.

Some time ago he helped Alagremm with his Fall of Draenor project which has sadly fallen. His favourite groups were : -Eragon fans -Kaelicious -League of Legends Players -Lore Lovers -Metalhead Underground -Race creators -Random Lulzerz -Scars of Conflict -Singleplayers The Hive Workshop Minecrafters WoW Destruction of Azeroth

Acording to his profile his favourite organisation was the Warsong Clan and his favourite race Trolls, but acording to his job done in modeling we can presume that his favoured race were the trolls.

Currently i'm studying construction on Bialystok Technical University in poland and still like to troll around, so have fun and enjoy a random luler'z =]

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