The Hosted Projects is a sub-forum of the Hive Workshop forums, containing the site's most ambitious Warcraft III and Starcraft II modding projects. The 14 even smaller sub-forums, that can be found in it, are almost all projects that the Hive has decided to put in a spotlight, excluding only a few sub-forums made entirely for providing information about the Hosted Projects forum.

The Hosted Projects sub-forums include Hive Keeper, The Dwarven Monster Slayers, Sunken City, Blades 'n Gore II, The Chosen Ones, WarCraft III - Paranoia, Scars of Conflict, The 2 Player Campaign, Gaias Retaliation ORPG, Shadows of the Past, Against the Darkness, Finished Outlines, The Hive Workshop Hosted Forums and Project Depository.