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Hell_Master is a 15-year-old student from Philippines, born the 30th of September. He is known for providing RPG-based maps to the Hive Workshop, and for being a helper on WEHZ and T&S Sections in the past and reviewer to other members' maps.

In the early 2014, he got promoted to a moderator with limited powers, as a moderator-in-training being watched by the other mods, admins and especially by the Chieftain, Ralle. After some days, he got promoted eventually to a full moderator.

Up until late 2014, where he got extremely busy, he was considered one of the most active moderators in Map Section.

He is an active member in the Kaelicious social group, where he participated in a family-roleplay nicknamed as "Kenny", with Amargaard being his father, Archange1 his mother and David his brother. Apart from Kaelicious, Hell_Master is a member of 18 social groups.

Hell Master's Signtaure

Hell_Master's former signature.

Hell_Master's favourite Warcraft race is Demon, and favourite organization is the Scarlet Crusade.
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