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enjoy[1] is a 20-year-old studying girl from Kolding, Denmark, born the 25th of March, and an active member and administrator of the Hive Workshop. She normally spends her time talking to people, as well as trying to help out all that she possibly can, all over the site. Some would call her a friendly nerdy type, but also one who sometimes ends up taking things too personal, because of simple misunderstandings. enjoy attempts to get more in touch with the community, which she loves dearly, hoping to get people to know her. enjoy is also a member of the 11 following social groups; Discovery Freelancer, Doodad makers, Dragons, Fsjals!, Games, Hivegirls, Naga Fans, Spell Reviewers, The Elder Scrolls Fangroup, The Order of Elders and Tiny Family. With her admin-powers, she is often the one creating social groups for people, but she doesn't use them much herself.

enjoy's signature simply says "<3 The_Reborn_Devil <3 :D" with blue text, and is obviously refering to the other member The Reborn Devil, who in turn refers to enjoy in his signature. enjoy selected the Night Elf to be her favourite Warcraft race, but she doesn't have a favourite organization. She likes music, spending time at her computer, and drawing.