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Directive255[1] (Also known as "Deroc", "Directive255 the Cakemaster" or "Cakemaster") is a member of the Hive Workshop.


He is a Malaysian Chinese teenager who is currently studying secondary school and a member of the Hive Workshop.
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To be honest, he was once a "naugthy" member of the Hive. In the year 2010 CE, he was caught uploading stolen maps, flaming and abusive ratings. Then, he left the Hive Workshop for awhile. He finally made a great comeback as an "obedient" member in the year 2014 CE.

He enjoys mapmaking, be it WarCraft 3 or C&C Reloaded mapmaking. His favorite WarCraft race is the Blood Elves, while his favorite WarCraft organization is Kirin Tor. His favorite games and mods include: Mental Omega 3.0, Mental Omega 2.0psi, WarCraft 3, Yuri's Revenge and C&C Reloaded.

He also has an account on this Wikia, and some others.

Currently, he is working for his big campaign project (as well as also the contents of this WIkia) -- MegaCraft 1.

Finished Projects/ResourcesEdit

Sorry, no finished projects/resources yet.

W.I.P Projects/ResourcesEdit

  1. UltraCraft Series (Map/Campaign Series, Scrapped)
  2. MegaCraft Series (Map/Campaign Series)
    • MegaCraft 1 (Campaign)
  3. ???
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