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Devin [1] is an Iranian person of unknown age. He is a law-keeper; safe-guarding the Hive Book of Laws.

During July to August 2014, Devin participated in many court cases, mostly against Mythic (formerly known as CakeMaster).

"I'm getting tired of this..." said Devin at court. Most of Devin's clients were women (and also men for some cases) , which were sexually harassed by the infamous Cake Master.

Yet unfortunately the result was failure, even with evidence provided. After some time, Devin left the court and gave up.

SpamMaster Edit

By 1 February 2015 CE, Directive255 called him SpamMaster responding to his picture comment -- "You played too much Dune II"......

After that, they discussed plans to bring tons of spams into Resistance Against the Cake Crusade (RACC) in the name of the great megap0$73r and the Spam Empire...