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David is a studying 12-year-old boy from Europe, born the 5th of November, in a small country in Europe and a well known member in the Kaelicious social group, where he spends most of his time either roleplaying or participating in the contests. Apart from Kaelicious, David is a member of the following 5 social groups; Fsjals!, H.P Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos Fans, Melee Nation,

The Hive Workshop Minecrafters and Witches Tea Party. He has been active in several roleplays such as the family roleplay with Amargaard, Archange1 and Hell_Master. Afterwards, he had a lot of fun roleplaying with Bernkastel, who taught him to be a better roleplayer. 


David's favourite Warcraft race is the Troll, and favourite organization is the Cult of the Damned. His hobby is roleplaying and drawing but he rarely gets inspiration for the latter. David also hates Wazzz and he tells him to fuck off.