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Daffa the Mage[1] (Also known simply as "Daffa") is a 14-year-old studying guy from Benjarmasin, Indonesia, born on 9 March 2000, who signed up on the Hive Workshop to upload the very first map of his.


He is a well-known user in the Map Section, where he is a notable active map reviewer. Daffa the Mage is a friendly, but short-tempered member, who hates liars. He wants to become a great map maker and a reputed user on the site. He is the maintainer of two social groups; Indonesian Mapmakers and Resistance Against the Cake Crusade, and formerly maintained Beta-Tester.

Apart from those three, he is also a mmber of the following 9 groups; Clash for the Sacred Cheese, Grammar Critiques, Kawaii Spell Workshop, Map Reviewers, Melee Nation, Monster Hunter 1, Singleplayers, Spell Reviewers, Strategy & Risk players! and WEHZ & TS Helpers. In February 2013, he started helping members in the World Editor Help Zone, and quickly earned some new friends in there, like UndeadImmortal and Best_Player_88. After a while, exams caused his activity to decrease temporarily, but he returned by the end of June 2013, and has stayed there ever since. Now, he's frequently seen at the Map SectionWorld Editor Help ZoneSpell Section, and in the Off-Topic section. He also occasionally visit other forums as well. Lately he's been busy, but is still around helping where he can and having conversations here and there.

EDIT : As of now, he's pretty inactive and only handle WEHZ and patrolling Spell and Map Sections to a lesser degree, if he by chance review a resources, then the resources might have taken his interest. - by Daffa the Mage. However, he's an active member of the RACC.

Daffa the Mage selected the Blood Elf to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Kirin Tor to be his favourite organization. He likes collecting images, discovering Warcraft III secrets, making maps as well as spells and programs. Daffa's greatest talents are Warcraft III GUI coding, and mapping. He is currently working on the many following projects; Battle of Emerald Gardens, Under the Burning Sky Remake, Custom XP System, and an Indonesian Trigger UI.