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Bernkastel[1] (Formerly called Xi Wangmu; "Bernkastel", "Bern" for short; and "Garshilan", "Garsh" for short) is a 21-year-old guy from Uusimaa, Finland, born the 14th of January 1994, and once an active user in the Terrain Board forum, and today a well-known member of several former Role Playing social groups, where he is known to rarely leave his roleplaying character's self, which is that of a bitchy god-like female. Normally, however, he is a friendly and helpful friend to those he know well. Bernkastel believes in dictatorship being the best political way to run a society if the chosen leaders have proven their worth. He is the maintainer of both the Uncategorized Social Group The Cinderfall and the Threads Social Group Witches Tea Party, which is his secret hideout for all "evil" members on the Hive Workshop. Bernkastel was also formerly the maintainer of Kaelicious, where he actually got married to Vengeancekael in the roleplay once, but he passed on the maintainership to Amargaard when military duty in 2014 forced him to spend less time on the Hive. 21932.jpg

The manga-character, that Bernkastel often displays himself as.

Apart from those three social groups, Bernkastel is also a member of the three following; H.P Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos Fans, T.R.A.P. and The Dark Prophecy.

Bernkastel based his current user name on that of an ancient Chinese goddess, because he thought she resembled him well. He does not have a signature. He selected the Satyr to be his favorite Warcraft race, and the Cult of the Damned to be his favorite organization. He likes watching anime, manga, the Cthulhu Mythos, drawing, drinking red wine and doing cosplay. Bernkastel's greatest talents are creating digital artwork and doing Warcraft III terrain screenshots. Other than his Hive Workshop account, he also has a wikia-account and a deviantART account[2].

Trivia Edit

  • Bernkastel is tied with Mythic on most official name changes - three. However, Mythic beats him in number of names; Five to Three.
  • Bernkastel name changed back to Bernkastel from Xi Wangmu when she got annoyed by the fact that people still called her "Bern" because she is Bernkastel.