Dancing Barry

The "Dancing Barry"-animation.

Ban the Barry-drug[1] was a thread posted by Amargaard in the Off-Topic forum, the seventeenth of August 2013. He wrote it in order to put a spotlight on the recent heavy increase of members using the "Dancing Barry"-animation as avatars - mostly for comical reasons, to create dialougue between members, but also because of the vandalism that the Hive Workshop Wiki had witnessed, from unknown newly registered users spamming pages with stuff related to Barry, and actually successfully conquered the entire wiki for several days before that.

Because of mixed intentions, Amargaard wrote it in a comical way, refering to the new trend as symptons of heavy drug abuse, with Wazzz himself being the dealer. Wazzz thus was the first to reply, followed by many other members, either picking the side supporting "Barry", or the side which was named the "Barry Resistance Community", or the third part thinking of the thread to be ridiculous - until the end, just when it had hit 80 replies, where it was closed by Ralle himself.

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