BLazeKraze (Formerly known sigelang) was a map maker (mostly melee maps and templates) and an icon designer.

Personal Life Edit

He's already 19 years old and a graduating student of AB Psychology course. He enjoys doing art and playing games especially melee maps of warcraft 3. His favorite race are night elves.

History Edit

Before his discovery of warcraft 3 modding. He is just a DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) player. He accidentally discovered Warcraft 3 World editor during his curiosity about changing theme of Dota. At first, he recognized warcraft 3 as "dota". He didn't know everything until he tried using world editor. He search throughout internet about world editor tutorials. He tried to create a map and became curious about skins until google linked a website named He created an account (February 17, 2013) and uploads melee maps but rejected due to several imbalanced in the game. He met several people especially Filipinos in this website. He discovered terraining section in forum section and start learning from it. Until he created his own terrains. While making terrains, he made his first survival map and released it to hiveworkshop. The map entitled: Clash in the wild (Forest) and followed by Clash in the wild (Savannah). He learned to create triggers by watching on youtube and reading tutorials. But still, he is not a "pro" in coding.

In February 17, 2014. While finding icons for his map, he became curious how to make an icon. Although he have experience in art especially in sketching. He was not familiar about digital art. He created a mushroom icon and the piece received overwhelming dislike due to lack of shadings and highlights. He didn't know how to use a drawing program before. He was using online drawing program and didn't know how to use correctly especially in drawing. Because of that, he practiced a lot until he got photoshop from his friend. He watch several videos how to paint digitally and he released several icons. Fortunately, some of his icons got approved by administrator while the others moved to need fix section. The criticisms gave by moderators became his motivation to practice more and now he improved at digital painting.