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Apheraz Lucent[1] (Also known as "Apheraz", simply "Aph", or by her self-proclaimed title "Lady Hive") is a 19-year-old lady from Belgrade, Serbia, working as a PR Manager. She was born the 28th of november 1994, and joined the Hive Workshop in January 2010, and has been an active member ever since, quickly becoming a notable name in the community. Her early work includes lots of icons and help in the World Editor Help Zone and Requests forum, and later earning the rank of moderator in the Icon section, and keeping the dust down during the influence of Zero Tolerance. Nowadays she roams the Icon section, and helps new and old users alike to improve their resources.

Apheraz Lucent is a member of the following 7 social groups; Critical Strike, Dumbledores Army, Fsjals!, Grammar Critiques, Heroes of might and magic, Lore Lovers and The Bladetitans.

She is one of few rare users who obtained a custom moderator title, named "Fighter", after the starting events of "Lady Hive's Death"; in which her brother spread out false rumors about her death. At one point she virtually proposed and got married to Dragonson.

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Apheraz Lucent has no personal signature. She selected the Night Elf to be her favourite Warcraft race, and the Sentinels to be her favourite organization. She likes listening to music, being on the Apheraz Lucent is good at drawing. She is currently working on the three following projects; Legendary War, Dofus Arena, and One Shadow Away.

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