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Amargaard[1] (Also known as "Amar" or simply "Am") is a 19-year-old studying guy from Elsinore, Denmark, born the 10th of January 1995, and a well-known user in the Role Playing social groups and the Roleplaying forum, where he was known for re-using the very same roleplaying character, Am'ar Kardos, in every single roleplay that he entered - until their drastic activity decreasement. He is a humble optimistic liberalist supporting the legalization of cannabis, and strives to keep Hive Workshop roleplaying alive. Amargaard is a maintainer of the Kaelicious social group, and a notable member of both The Dark Prophecy and The Cinderfall groups. He was also the creator of the once popular Avataria #2 roleplay. At one point he had a "Hive family", consisting of his wife Lizzie, and their two adopted sons David and Kenny, but they split up due to several reasons.

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Amargaard's personal signature, made by Dragonson.

Amargaard selected the Orc to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Frostwolf Clan to be his favourite organization. He likes playing computer, being on the Hive and on deviantART[2], editing wikis (Especially this one, or wikis associated with any of his roleplays, but he is also active on many other wikis about varying topics), going to parties, drawing & watching cartoons online. Amargaard's greatest talents are writing, terraining and drawing. He is currently working on the three following projects; The Adventures of Peon Am'ar Gardos campaign, the Hive Workshop Wiki which he is an administrator on, and a secret huge roleplaying project, to be announced when ready.