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Alagremm[1] (Also known as "Al Gremmovic", or most commonly "Al") is a well-known member of many of the social groups on Hive, often spending his time participating or running roleplays or simply taking part of the random discussions and chit-chatting that is going on, and he is often also known for providing constructive critique, or simple comments on new resources in the different sections, but rarely visits the forums. However, in fact, he just sticks to the site due to inertia.

Alagremm is obviously a smart person, always having good arguments ready, and a great socializer, having the largest number of profile visits on the whole Hive Workshop (54,196+!), who previously supported communism, and despised capitalism, but has since then changed towards the ordinary middle politics. Alagremm is the maintainer of The Dark Prophecy, as well as member of the following 6 other social groups; H.P Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos Fans, Kaelicious, Lore Lovers, Random Lulzerz, T.R.A.P. and Witches Tea Party. He have created several popular "comics", using either paint or World Editor terrain screenshots, that he published in albums on his profile. Most, however, have been deleted later on.

About Alagremm Edit

Alagremm currently has no signature. He selected the Draenei to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Watchers to be his favourite organization. He likes the history of Warcraft, especially lore about planet Draenor and Draenei, and likes designing his own custom worlds, races and stories. Alagremm is good at writing and terraining. He is currently planning to write a book.